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            Despite a movement to digital, there are still many things that are relevant in print. Make sure your business is covered with these basic printing categories.

            Basic office communications: For daily office communications and draft printing needs, choose a multipurpose, fax or general copy paper. This type of paper is available in a variety of brightness levels and sizes. You can even select brands that are eco friendly like Shoplet paper. There are lots of brands that use post consumer and recycled material in their product, further reducing your carbon footprint and printing costs.

            Specialty and marketing: For presentations, marketing materials and other higher end printing needs, the sky's the limit. Choose from a variety of large format, high gloss, colored finishes and photo quality papers to achieve the look and impact you are seeking. We even carry thermal paper for specialty printers and for point of sale transactions.

            Card Stock: Need business cards? Printing for archive purposes? Creating signage? Heavy-duty cardstock is a great solution for printing projects that must withstand heavy handling.

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